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Board of Directors & Advisors

Zha Agabe-Granfar | Director, Operations and Development

Zha is charged with the responsibility of managing the operations and development of Solartec Global.  With more than 15 years working with multinational companies, SME’s and not-for-profit organizations in areas like Audit & Assurance, Finance & Operations, and Telecommunication her business acumen is driven from a broad scope of commercial experience in the Asia Pacific.  Many years ago, she left the formal corporate culture scene to create opportunities and thrive in more entrepreneurial and dynamic pursuits.  She has never looked back and remains focused on her involvement in enterprises that prioritise the needs of the developing markets it serves. 


Ron Jenkins | Director

Ron has been based in the Asia Pacfic region for over 30 years during which time he has founded and successfully established going-concern businesses including Spectra Chemicals & Commodities (Shanghai), Spectra Industrial (PNG), Bronson Safety (Australia) and Chemica (PNG). His roles have been strategically valuable in nature as a director or managing director and span across sectors including Heavy Machinery, Industrial Warehousing, Material Handling and Off-Grid Power Generation.  A self-made entrepreneur, Ron is very partial to a great game of rugby and his track record for successfully navigating through some of the world’s toughest developing-country markets is a testament to the unique value of his contributions to any business endeavour.


John Le Lievre CA, CPA | Executive Advisor

John is currently the Vice President for Administration at Bond University in Australia where he previously served as Director of Finance for 15 years.  He’s held senior management and directorship roles across public and private enterprises in the Asia Pacific including international hoteliers (Hyatt and Regent in Sydney; Barrier Reef Holdings in Vietnam) and at Price Water House he served as an Auditor specialising in Banking, Finance and Agribusiness and later as Director of Business Services.  A strategic expert and a “Bean Counter” (his words!) John has been a trusted advisor to an array of public and private entities across countries like Jakarta, Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia and the Solomon Islands.


John Freeman | Executive Advisor

A seasoned attorney who has been based in China for more than 10 years, John has counselled entities across industries including High-Technology, Media & Entertainment and Renewable Energy.  Specialising in IP Protection/Enforcement with a strong business focus, he’s accustomed to the unique circumstances of negotiating in Asia and is known for being an efficient, results-oriented professional.

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