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Customer Service


Apply to be a Distributor or Reseller
To apply to become a distributor or reseller, please contact us to express your business interest. We will then send you the relevant application forms for your completion. Follow the instructions and contact your case manager if you have any further questions.
Information for NGOs, Social Enterprises and Government Agencies
To enjoy the benefits of our Community Solutions pricing program please contact us to register your interest. We will be happy to discuss how we can be of assistance.
Price Inquiries and Making an Order
As a pre-approved business buyer, you can make an order with Solartec Global Ltd at any time via our website and logging into your account. Alternatively, if you don't have a business account setup, please contact us directly to organise an official quote.
Viewing Orders
Please log into your account in order to view your order status. Alternatively, you may quick-search your order details.
Shipping & Delivery
Our standard lead time for commercial shipments is 120 days for Cost and Freight orders (CFR).  However this is subject to final confirmation of the order.  Solartec Global Ltd will not liable for any delay in delivery by the shipping / transport/ postal authorities. Goods with CFR terms will be shipped to the destination port unless otherwise agreed at the time of order.
Returns & Replacements
Solartec Global Ltd provides a 1 year manufacturers' warranty on all products sold, unless otherwise stipulated on the product information.
Updating Account Information
Please log into your account in order to update your account information.

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